Janice Carson Beatley Fund


The Janice Carson Beatley Fund was established to provide support for graduate student field work in plant systematics and ecology. Each year the fund provides awards to defray field expenses for EEOB students. Individual requests are limited to $1500.00, but students may apply more than once.

A brief application is required, which consists of the following:

1. A cover page (download PDF)

2. A proposal that describes the planned work and its relevance to the student’s thesis or dissertation research, not more than two pages in length.

3. A budget that details the expenses for which funds are requested. Items funded typically include travel and living expenses and field supplies.

Submit applications to John Freudenstein via email as a Word document or PDF by the deadline.

Further details are available from John Freudenstein at freudenstein.1@osu.edu, or 614 688-0363.

Previous Recipients of the Beatley Award:

Mike Reagon studying Sorghum and Oryza genetics in the US and Vietnam
Shannon Datwyler working on Penstemon in Oregon
Erik Rothacker collecting Orchidaceae in Panama
Jeff Morawetz looking for Alectra in Kenya

Jenny Archibald working on Zalusianskia in South Africa

Sarena Selbo studying tall grass prairie restoration in Ohio

Shawn Krosnick collecting Passiflora in Thailand

Chris Randle working on Harveya in South Africa